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She told me nobody has ever been able to make her cum from going down on her.

"I bet I could," I said.

She frowned and rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah, because your’e so special.”

"Bet on it." 

She laughed. “What am I supposed to bet?”

"If I make you cum from eating your pussy, I get to fuck your virgin asshole."

She rolled her eyes again. “Okay, sure, whatever.”

And now that I can feel the inside of her cunt earthquake around my tongue, her body writhing against my mouth, now that I can hear the orgasm rip through her body and out of her mouth in moans and screams, I also can sense that she realizes what she’s given up. She’s simultaneously turned on and afraid.

"FUCK," she breathes and moans through her intense climax. "You’re going to fuck my ass. Mmmmmfuck please be gentle."

"Gentle," I moan up into her cunt, my tongue dancing over her g spot. "Gentle wasn’t part of the bet." 

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